Software Development

Just looking at large amounts of data can be overwhelming. Working with it in a productive way can be impossible if you don’t have the right tools and skills.

Do you have a software project and need a team of experts to help you design, code, test or manage the launch of a new website, CRM or third party integration? Our team has years of experience in IT projects that create new and upgrade existing sites and systems that will help resolve your issues and give you the competitive advantage you’re looking for. Our focus is on:

  • Enterprise CRM design and development (full stack environment with or without VM or cloud-based infrastructure).
  • Data and environment security, intrusion prevention and mitigation.
  • Third Party integrations to payment processing (ACH/Check21, Card, PayPal), credit bureaus (inquiry and reporting), lead generators, and communications (email, SMS, eFax).
  • Website Development (ex. WordPress, Bootstrap, custom CRM).
  • IT Project Management and consulting services.